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Download Instagram Videos Easily. We have found a solution to your problem in the form of an Instagram Video Downloader by InstaMinsta app.You can use this app and Download high quality videos from instagram very easily and without much problem.

You don’t even have to Download InstaMinsta app as this site is completely web based. And you can access this site from your laptop, phone or any other devices and can Download high quality videos from instagram without any problem.

Instagram Video Downloader

Instagram Video Downloader

Right now, Instagram might be the most popular social media platform amongst the general audience. Not only is it popular amongst teens, we can also see some young adults completely addicted to it. Instagram has a very wide variety of content and sometimes you can find a video that you really want to save in your gallery and watch them later. But alas, Instagram doesn’t let you Download instagram videos on phone.

Another wonderful thing about InstaMinsta is that you don’t have to insert your personal details anywhere. This site lets you Download high quality videos from instagram without any login procedure. So you can just open the site and download any video that you want. So if you were worried about your data safety and security, you don’t have to do that now. Now, we almost forgot to tell you the absolute best thing about this site. It is absolutely free. You don’t have to pay a single amount for downloading these videos. Just access the site and download these videos.

Key Features Of Video Downloader

  1. Download high quality videos from instagram faster than ever.
  2. Secure and safe as it requires no login details.
  3. No need to create an account just for the purpose of downloading videos.
  4. You can access this site from your laptop, phone or any other devices.
  5. You can also download IGTV videos, videos from private accounts and photos also.

How To Copy A Video Link From Instagram?

People frequently ask us how to copy a link of a video from Instagram. Let us assure you that it is very easy. We will tell you the complete process and you won’t have any difficulty after that.

  1. Open Instagram.
  2. Find the video that you like.
  3. Click on the three dots above the video.
  4. An pop-up will open and you will see an option “Copy Link”
  5. Tap that option and the link of the video is copied.

Why Make InstaMinsta?

There must be a lot of you thinking why make a site like this. The thing is Instagram is the most popular social media platform right now. And it is only growing. There are 100s of new users everyday on Instagram. And there are so many amazing creators on Instagram. Creators that make so many amazing videos daily.

Actually, at this point if you want to get famous on Instagram you have to constantly put up good content in the form of photos and videos. And there are so many kinds of videos on Instagram. From funny to motivational, from dance to music. Instagram is a rich source of entertainment. Sometimes you want to keep those videos for yourself. Or sometimes you want to share that video in your family group and want to download those videos for that. But as you know, sadly, there is no option to download videos on Instagram.

We understand your problems because we ourselves face these kinds of problems so many times. And that is exactly why we decided to make a website where you can download those videos so you won’t face problems like this again. And we wanted you to feel safe, secure and anonymous while doing that.

You all might be thinking that you can use modded Instagram to download all the videos without much of a problem. But the reality is that using any third party app for accessing Instagram can get you banned from Instagram permanently. So, our way is safer and more secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most asked questions to us, if you still find any difficulty while using the tool or if you have more questions, feel free to contact us regarding anything. We will happily solve all your issues and doubts regarding our Instagram Video Downloader without login tool.

InstaMinsta is a fully functional website where you can Download Instagram Videos, Reels, Images, Posts, Stories and DP.

No! We respect privacy and we don't store any data from your side, so you don't have to give login credentials to your account untill the other person's account is public.

Yes, you can download Instagram posts and videos in Full HD quality directly from Instagram without any Watermark or Captcha.

Terms And Conditions

This site is made for educational purposes, this site is using information that is freely available. This site has not any right of videos or photos in which you have downloaded the only right of respected users and all the copyright and trademark goes to them. Instagram and Instagram logos are trademark and copyright of Meta Inc (Facebook Inc).